PYP Trade Day – 小学部交易日

PYP Trade Day – 小学部交易日


Inspired by a story read in Grade 1, a Trade Day event was identified as one solution that could be put into action to reduce our consumption, to reuse what we already have and to reduce the trash we create.

Grade 5 students were asked by Grade 1 to co-host this event as part of Grade 5’s How We Organize Ourselves Unit of Inquiry on Trade. Student designed the steps of the activity as follows:

1) PYP students from grades 1 – 6 were invited to bring in gently used toys, games and books they were no longer using.

2) Grade 5 students received these items, helped to assess their value and attached a fair price.

3) All PYP students received “Q-dollars” to use to trade for “new” items during last Wednesday’s Trade Day.

4) Students from grades 1 to 6 went “shopping” for “new” toys, books and games while they watched their “old” items find new homes.

5) All leftover items were donated to children in local schools supported by the Qingdao Expat Charity.

Putting this kind of authentic practice into action is what the PYP is all about!