Grade 6: A Walk in the Woods – 6年级:进入山林

Grade 6: A Walk in the Woods – 6年级:进入山林


Grade 6 students recently read My Side of the Mountain, a novel about a boy who chooses to leave the city life behind and head into the mountains for one year. To bring the novel to life, grade 6 students called on our outdoor education expert, Mr. Chris Borodenko, who led the students on an educational journey up Fushan Mountain.

On the way to the summit, Mr. Borodenko pointed out objects and materials that could be useful in a survival situation, such as thorned branches that could be fashioned into fish hooks. Students also learned about the harsh laws of nature through games like predator and prey, where students had to move across the terrain gracefully and quietly to avoid the attention of potential predators.

Later in the day, Mr. Borodenko gave the students a brief fire building demonstration before asking students to help him gather the materials required to build a fire* using only primitive tools at their disposal. The day ended with some quality time spent around a warm fire, which was very welcome on a cold November day!

*QAIS staff requested and received special permission to build the fire in a particular secure location.


6年级的学生最近阅读了《我和大山的故事》(My Side of the Mountain),是关于一个小男孩选择离开城市,在大山里度过了一年的故事。为了真实地理解这个故事,6年级的学生邀请了学校户外活动专家Chris Borodenko老师,一起爬上浮山,进行学习体验。