QAIS Staff Profile of the Week – Megan Martineau, Learning Specialist

meganmartineaummprofile10oct201602What is your favorite learning experience that you remember? 

My favorite learning experience was in High School. I was in an anatomy class, and it was too full. I didn’t mind taking another elective, so my counselor recommended to be a “peer buddy” in a severe/profound special education classroom. It opened my eyes to the beauty of helping people. It showed me that people are more alike than it may seem and want similar things out of life. I started to realize how important patience and understanding should be apart of our daily lives. This lead to my career path in learning support, special education and counselling.

What is your favorite family occasion and why? 

My favorite family occasion is Christmas. My grandparents come every year, which is special on its own. I enjoy the preparation of Christmas. I love decorating the house and putting up the Christmas tree. The tree is always the best bonding time decorating with lights and ornaments, Christmas music, dancing around, and cider. I love getting that perfect present for my family to make their Christmas brighter.

Christmas is filled with joy amongst family!