QAIS Staff Profile of the Week – Justin Sun, Staff Care Coordinator

QAIS Staff Profile of the Week – Justin Sun, Staff Care Coordinator


My favorite food is beef. The first reason is that beef will not make you fatter. It will only make you stronger and that is what I need – LOL.The second reason is that beef is easy to cook, it compliments most other food I enjoy like potatoes, white radishes, tomatoes, Chinese sauerkraut,eggs and so on. Also, beef can be cooked sweet, sour,spicy flavor, or salty flavor. No matter what the flavor is, they all taste really good. I have not eaten any horrible dish which is made by beef. Even if you just boil it without any flavor, it is delicious. Is there any reason you can think of to not like beef? I can’t think of one!

What is your favorite family occasion and why?

My favorite family occasion is each New Year’s Eve. All my relative get together to celebrate the new year that night. My grandparents have four sons amd four daughters. My father is the oldest sons. Normally, all the sons’ families come together in my grandparents’ home on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the new year as long as I can remember. Even after my grandparents passed away a couple of years ago, we still keep this family gathering going. It is a tradition in my family that on that night I lead all children to set off firecrackers and fireworks because I am the oldest grandson. We also play poker while waiting for the most fancy meal of the year. Everyone talks about the year just past and the year that is about to start. At that moment, I always feel lucky to be part of a big family.












谈论过去的一年并展望新的一年, 每当那个时候,我总会庆幸自己是这个大家族的一员。