Secondary Sharing Meeting – 中学部的分享会

Secondary Sharing Meeting – 中学部的分享会



Secondary students had their first sharing meeting of the school year this past Friday.

11th grade student Shirley was awarded her certificate for completion of her MYP Personal Project, an important capstone project to the MYP and the first awarded in our school history.

The Student Council shared some initiatives to increase school spirit. There were lively discussions about how the grades that win the most school spirit points will win a pizza party.

Grade 7 student Kevin shared values about the importance of “respect for all life” discussing the rights of animals.

Grade 10 students Candy and Lucy discussed their recent trip to the Global Issues Conference at the Western Academy of Beijing (WAB). They spoke passionately about increasing the student body’s commitment to service and action after seeing the example of a great conference at WAB.

Students discussed and agreed to take on more leadership in running the Secondary Sharing Meetings in the future.

For more pictures from the Secondary Sharing see the Secondary Blog.








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