Recycle and Reuse for Art and Our Sakes 因艺术和环境之名,循环利用旧物


In conjunction with 1st grade’s current unit of inquiry, our art teacher Devin Smith, and PYP teacher, Jacqueline Oussoren, are collaborating with grade 1 students to create a series of sculptures and art installations out of recycled and found items.

They have created abstract “found item” sculptures inspired by the artwork of Louise Nevelson and will continue to work on art installations that highlight the use of water bottle topstoilet paper tubes and small plastic bottles.

For their ongoing projects, students need used but clean transparent plastic bags to create Mission Possible kits to distribute throughout the school to students who are willing to accept the Mission Possible challenge! They will also use these plastic bags to create more African-inspired recycled soccer balls in PE.

Grade 1 students have placed recycling and reusing boxes in different areas around the school, including in our entryway as pictured. Please collect and bring these identified and underlined items to be reused and to contribute to the actions our grade 1 students are taking as they attempt to reduce the amount of trash that we create and move us toward more responsible waste managers.

Thank you in advance for your contributions and your support of their efforts “to change the world” with their “own two hands.”


我们的艺术老师Devin Smith和PYP老师Jacqueline Oussoren目前结合一年级探究单元学习,组织一年级的学生利用废旧材料,创造一系列的雕塑和装置作品。

受到艺术家Louise Nevelson作品的启发,学生们创作了一副抽象雕塑作品“失物招领”,并将继续利用瓶盖、卫生纸芯和小塑料瓶创作作品。为了让每个学生参与到 “Mission Possbile” 艺术项目中,学生需要已经使用过的、干净的、透明塑料袋,用来制作PE塑料袋足球。学生们的艺术作品将在校园售卖会上销售,将这理念传送到校园的各个角落和人群!