QAIS Super Student of the Week – Steven, Grade 8

dsc_9434What famous person do you admire most and why?

A famous person that I really admire is Dennis Hong. He is a scientist and a professor at University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA). I admire him because I like science and making robots. Every single robot that Dennis has made are very simple but very creative. My own dream is to be a scientist that makes innovative and creative robots.

The second reason I like him is that he never thinks he is perfect. Even if he made a nice robot, he still thinks how can he improve it so that anyone can use it easily in their lives.

Describe a dream of what you will be doing in 20 years.

In the future, I want to be a scientist that makes innovative robots that helps people to live more easily. I have already made a small electronic car, and I also made an electronic plane. Now, I am trying to make an electronic boat that can also fly in the sky. I believe that this type of transportation will be real in the future.