QAIS Staff Profile of the Week – Rosanne Goedhart, Marketing Director

rosanneandmomformmWhat famous person do you admire most and why?

There are many people that I admire in this world, but I want to talk about someone who we just saw give an amazing speech at the WAB Global Issues conference in Beijing: Jane Goodall. The British scientist Jane Goodall became world famous with her research into chimpanzees in Tanzania. She has been showered with prizes and has a huge reputation in the world of science. At age 82, Jane Goodall still travels the world (staying with a different friend every time) to share her knowledge, collect money, and set up projects in the field of education and nature preservation. If you want to learn more about Jane Goodall and all that she does for the world please visit her website:

What is your favorite traveling experience and why?

My favorite travel experience was a road trip in Cambodia. We travelled by motorcycle from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh and ended up in a quiet bungalow hotel at the furthest side on Koh Rong Island. A few reasons why I love Cambodia is that the (Khmer) people are just wonderful, Cambodia has the impressive temple paradise Angkor Wat; and Cambodia is surrounded with incredible nature and filled with beautiful cultural artefacts.

Where is your favorite place to have fun in Qingdao and what makes it really fun?

My favorite place to have fun in Qingdao is the Qingdao Zhushan National Forest Park 青岛珠山国家 森林公园 . It is beautiful place to go hiking in Huangdao district and lesser known than Fushan & Laoshan so it is nice and peaceful, the perfect place to take my two dogs to roam free.