QAIS Staff Profile of the Week

QAIS Staff Profile of the Week

Each week we will profile one staff member. This week we profile new Assistant Principal Andrew Hasbrouck.DSC_4408

What is your favorite film or TV show and why?

This is a tough one for me because I have gotten really hooked on a few shows over the past few years. I love Homeland, The Americans, Sherlock, and anything where there is more gray area than black and white, because I believe that is how life often presents itself… No clear cut good guy and bad guy. People and situations are a lot more nuanced than that. If I had to pick one show that best represents this and keeps me completely engaged, it’s Luther. He may be the only person I could be starstruck by (even though he’s fictional)! I love a lot of movies but tend to fall asleep during them–sorry Trish 🙂 But Into the Wild is my idea of a great flick.

What is your favorite food and why?

Is this even a question?! I thought it was universally agreed upon that tacos were the world’s response to the question, “Why do we have taste buds?” Versatile, portable, and delicious! What’s not to like? I still can’t figure out what to eat for breakfast outside of Texas because there aren’t breakfast taco restaurants, trucks, and trailers everywhere.

What is your favorite traveling experience and why?

Although I’ve been very fortunate to have traveled to around 15 countries in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, I’ve yet to have anything but an amazing experience every time I set foot in Spain. Beaches, mountains, cities, hiking, great food, and an incredible culture! Barcelona in particular is my favorite city to spend the weekend. The pulse of the people is so alive and everything is a reason to celebrate. I almost bought some land in Catalunya two years ago and then I remembered my kids need food and clothes! But one day it will happen.


每一星期我们都将会向您介绍一位我们的员工。本周向您介绍的是我们新的校长助理Andrew Hasbrouck先生。


这对我来讲很难说,因为在过去几年中我真的已经迷上了几部影片。我爱祖国,美国人、夏洛克、任何事情并不都是非黑即白,因为我相信这就是生活常态…没有明确的好人坏人之分,现实中的人和事其实比这更微妙。如果一定要让我选择一部最具代表性并让我完全投入的影片的话,我会选“路德”他或许是唯一一个让我成为追星族(尽管他是虚构的)!我喜欢很多的电影但在看这些影片时我又很容易睡着 – 对不起Trish J.


如果这是一个问题的话,我想全世界的回答都是普遍一致的即是炸玉米饼, “为什么我们有味蕾?” 多才多艺, 便携式, 好吃吗? 不喜欢什么? 我还不知道吃什么早餐当我身处德州之外时因为没有玉米饼早餐餐馆,卡车和拖车在这些地方。