New Staff, New Classes, Our School Is Growing 新老师、新班级,我们的学校不断壮大

New Staff, New Classes, Our School Is Growing 新老师、新班级,我们的学校不断壮大

This year’s staff features 83 people from 17 countries. New staff were welcomed to the school during their orientation week from August 8 to August 12. Many of our enthusiastic 27 new staff members bring new offerings and capabilties to our QAIS family. The new staff adds to our school: an Assistant Principal, a Learning Support Coordinator for the whole school, our 3rd Montessori early childhood classroom, new courses focused on Reading and Writing Skills for English Language Learners, a new public speaking Speech course, Montessori Model United Nations for students in grades 7 through 10, a course on Global Issue and Entrepreneurship, our first students to be taught Diploma Program History and new Facilities Managers.

Our school’s student population has grown 15% from the start of last school year until now and we’ve added new staff and new programming to accommodate our growing family. Some examples of what’s new at QAIS from our new staff is below.



Qingdao Amerasia New Staff School Year 2016 2017

Qingdao Amerasia International School is proud to present our latest staff members.

Andrew Hasbrouck joins our administrative team with Director Chris Vicari and Principal Eric Dustman as Assistant Principal for the school.

Megan Martineau joins the school as Learning Support Coordinator for all students. Megan will provide support to students, their families and their teachers on how to best help our students succeed when they come up against challenges.

Rosemary Gosse joins the school as early childhood and toddler Montessori Coordinator. One additional classroom has been added to our growing successful certified American Montessori program.

Michelle Overman and Chris McCarthy will be offering English reading and writing workshops for Middle Years Program students to boost critical reading, vocabulary, writing and research skills in students.

Trisha Hasbrouck will be the new school Guidance Counsellor and will also be teaching a course on Speech for Middle Years Program students to develop students skills in public speaking, debate and persuasion.

Alzbeta Springer will be part of three new courses. She will teach Diploma Program History for the first time at QAIS. She will co-teach Montessori Model United Nations for Middle Years Program students. MYP students will also have a course on Global Issues and Entrepreneurship with Alzbeta and Jon Springer.

Lauren Borodenko will be adding courses in Drama and Diploma Program Music at QAIS this year while also adding more staff to our music department.

At our reception desk, we have two new staff members fluent in both Chinese and English in our office manager Anna Kudelia and office assistant and Montessori Marketer Jack Zhang.

Chris Borodenko and Amy Tian are leading our Facilities Management team. They are already hard at work with the rest of the school facilities team on readying and improving the school facilities for the year ahead.

Andrew Hasbrouck担任教育总监Chris Vicari和校长Eric Dustman的校长助理,是学校管理层的一员。

Megan Martineau担任全校学习辅导协调员,为有学习困难的学生、面临挑战的家庭和老师提供专业支持。

Rosemary Gosse担任幼儿圆和早教部的教育协调员。我校得到美国蒙特梭利协会认证的幼儿园备受欢迎,因此今年幼儿园部增开了一个班。

Michelle Overman和Chris McCarthy担任中学部英语写作教师,帮助学生加强批判性阅读能力,提高词汇量,以及写作和研究技巧。

Trisha Hasbrouck担任学生顾问和大学指导员,同时她还教授中学生公共演讲课,训练学生演讲、辩论和说服的能力。

Alzbeta Springer 将教授三门课,QAIS今年新开的DP历史课程、蒙特梭利模拟联合国(中学部)、国际事件和企业家精神。

Lauren Borodenko 是音乐教学的新成员,她将教授戏剧和QAIS新开的DP音乐课程

学校的前台也加入了两位新员工: 办公室经理Anna Kudelia和办公室助理及蒙特梭利培训中心市场经理Jack Zhang

Chris Borodenko 和 Amy Tian 担任学校后勤部负责人。他俩已经与其他后勤部老员工一起为新学年的开始忙碌地工作了好几周了。