Registration Day Kicks Off The School Year!

Registration Day Kicks Off The School Year!

Registration Day at QAIS began with lots of excitement among the entire community. We saw many joyful faces familiar and new. Students and their parents met on the main green and began the day writing their wishes for QAIS in colorful helium balloon clusters.

In our Montessori school, parents toured the beautiful sun-drenched Montessori classrooms and got a brief introduction about Montessori philosophy and practice, as well as helpful information about transitioning Toddlers and Early Childhood students for the start of school.

Primary Years Program students met their teachers for the first time and toured the 5th floor and their newly expanded classrooms. Parents met with Dr. Vicari, who delivered the annual State of the School Address, and Dr. Dustman who spoke about his vision of creating leadership opportunities for Primary Years Program students during the exciting school year ahead.

Middle Years and Diploma Program students and their parents saw the new secondary classrooms on the 11th floor for the first time and marveled at the beauty and professionalism of our new wing, which includes 9 classrooms and breathtaking views of the Yellow Sea. Parents met in the Community Room with school leadership. Students met with their Advisory classes and did several ice-breakers and team-building activities to welcome their new classmates and to strengthen friendly relations among all.

With a world-class teaching staff, enthusiastic, talented, curious students, and unequivocal support from parents, 2016-2017 is shaping up to be our strongest year yet!