Building & Facility Improvements 学校建筑和设施的改善

At QAIS, we strive to make every aspect of our school better each year. Our school building and facilities have a lot of improvements since last year. The whole building has added new air filtration systems, an additional building floor for students, and a new more efficient elevator.

For the Early Childhood and Toddler Montessori Program we have added one new classroom. The Primary Years Program classrooms on our 5th floor have been enlarged. Primary Years students have more playground equipment, physical education equipment and library books. All Montessori and Primary Years renovations have been rarone thoughtfully to enhance the student environment when they create, collaborate and make deeper connections to their knowledge and understanding.

All Middle Years Program and Diploma Program students will have classes on a brand new and distinct floor of the school. 

Our new food service that provide hot lunches to all students and staff every day is by Laoshan Bay Hotel (part of the Kilin Hotel Group). Our new staff and returning administration has already enjoyed and complimented their food this past week.

Among other additions in the cafeteria is a new student-run shop – The Mix! – that is the result of planning from last school year’s Design Class. There is also a new cooling bar for salads and a new work room for cafeteria staff.

For our administration, the financial office has moved up to the 5th floor to allow for increased space for our Montessori students on the 4th floor.

Our new Montessori Classroom is completely furnished with beautiful new materials from Alison’s Montessori in New Jersey USA.

Staying in Montessori, the toddlers’ classroom and gross motor skills classroom have been switched for enhanced functionality. The area for naptime has also been expanded to better accommodate our growing student population.






新的幼儿园蒙氏班购置了来自美国Alison’s Montessori的教具,已经装点一新。




On our 5th floor, you will find many of Primary Years Program classrooms significantly larger this year than last year as we have completed construction plans for the 5th floor. There are new display boards for student exhibitions for grades 5 and 6.

For our PYP students, the library has added pictures books, chapter books, fiction and non-fiction that support our units of inquiry and student literacy development.

For the arts and physical education, we have a new classroom for drama this school year, a new piano on the 1st floor among our new music equipment and an increase in floor mat supplies among our additional gym equipment.

Our new 11th floor for secondary school MYP and DP students adds 1200 square meters to our school. There are nine new classrooms including one new music classroom, a new teacher’s workspace, two staff offices and our assistant principal’s office.





11th floor Campus Map