Introducing Rosemary Gosse, QAIS Montessori Coordinator and Director of the new Baishan Montessori Teacher Education Institute 介绍白珊蒙特梭利教师培训学校的项目主任Rosemary Gosse


rosemarygosseprofilepicmm10oct2016Hello Friends,

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the QAIS family.

You may have noticed me walking in the hallways, or observing in your child’s classroom. I am the new Montessori Coordinator and Director of the Baishan Montessori Teacher Education Institute (BMTEI).

I am a Canadian. I moved to China over seven years ago. I have 3 children and 5 grandchildren, with two more expected in early 2017!
I have been an early childhood classroom teacher for 17 years and a teacher educator for 15 years.

Since coming to China, my focus has been on teacher education. I am an on-site verifier for teacher education programs. I also present workshops for parents and teachers throughout the country.

It has been a pleasure to see the growth of Montessori education in China and the recognition of the value of quality early childhood education.

I am thrilled to be working with this wonderful team of QAIS educators who are knowledgeable and passionate about Montessori and eager to develop a deeper understanding.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards for learning and child development.

I look forward to meeting you all individually. Stop by the office and say hello!

Best regards,
Rosemary Gosse

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介绍白珊蒙特梭利教师培训学校的项目主任Rosemary Gosse



您也许已经在走廊中见到过我或是见到我在您孩子的教室中做观察。是的, 我就是新上任的白珊蒙特梭利教师培训学校的项目主任兼蒙氏教育主任。



自从来到中国后, 我一直在关注教师教育。我是一个教师教育项目的检验者,并在全国各地为家长和老师们召开研讨会。


我很高兴能与QAIS这样优秀的团队合作, QAIS教育者具有渊博的蒙氏知识和热情以及渴望对蒙氏的发展有更深层次的理解。



Rosemary Gosse

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