Our 5 Year Anniversary And International Day Extravaganza in Pictures 国际日暨五周年校庆庆祝活动

Our 5 Year Anniversary And International Day Extravaganza in Pictures 国际日暨五周年校庆庆祝活动


To the QAIS Community:

The QAIS International Day and five-year anniversary extravaganza was an inspirational festival of joy, entertainment, crafts, and cuisine! Over 1,000 people from around the world came together to celebrate our diversity, our talents, and our love of community, making it the largest event in school history!

Every corner of the globe was represented with food, performances, cultural stalls, and families. Over the past five years, International Day has let us all experience warmth and wonder as we barrel toward the winter months, and this year’s event topped them all!

From planning to cleanup, International Day was a stunning portrait of values and cultures that are represented at Qingdao Amerasia International School. As such, we are indebted to the individuals and organizations that came together to make this day possible:

Our Parent Association, who brought food and wares, decorations, costumes, and activities, really giving of themselves for the enrichment of our children!

Our teachers, who worked with students to develop their displays, and who gave of their time and talents to lead activities and prepare performances!

Our students, who inquired into new cultures, experimented with new performance art forms, and put their knowledge into action to inform and entertain others.

And the dozens of local businesses and training centers who contributed to the event with food stalls, activities, and performances!

We are grateful to all for a truly inspiring day!

– Chris Vicari, Director











Chris Vicari