U15 Basketball and Table Tennis Tournament.  Girls Win a Championship!

U15 Basketball and Table Tennis Tournament. Girls Win a Championship!

A two day competition was held in Huangdao over the weekend at YCIS.  Both the Boys and Girls competed at the U15 level in Basketball and Table Tennis against international schools from around the Qingdao area.

The boys started the tournament against four tough teams.  The competition was fierce and our boys performed well.  The second day of the competition, they battle back defeating YWIES to move into the playoff round.  Our athletes challenged their competitors and earned 4th place overall in the tournament.

The girls were a dominant force on the court.  From the beginning, they took control of the games, handily defeating each team they faced.  In the Saturday tournament, they competed with grace and class with every member of the team contributing.  The final match was a close competition with YCIS.  At the end of the game our girls held on to victory to earn the first championship for QAIS.  These ladies have a lot to be proud of as they not only played well, they ensured that every member contributed to the best of their ability.  Great work Lady Narwhals!

We had three competitors in the table tennis competition.  Our three athletes went up against schools who were highly competitive in table tennis.  They challenged these athletes, but ultimately were outplayed at the tables.  We look forward to challenging these same teams again next year.