Fine Italian dining, great for families

Fine Italian dining, great for families

Trattoria Verde

For special family occasions, ever since our boy was three months old, we almost always go to Trattoria Verde. The food is really wonderful (with some healthy toddler-friendly options); the service is excellent; and it tends to run about 2/3 the price of other Italian restaurants of similar quality. We eat very well, with appetizers (divine mussels in white wine sauce, baked mushrooms, and parmesan potato pancake), pizza, pasta, and a ‘secondi’, for around ¥400.

Kids love the  fish tanks, the photos, and curios from Italy. As our boy has grown up, he has started paying more and more attention to what’s going on in the expo kitchen, asking about the beautiful pizza oven and the fans that he can see from our table. As the restaurant is located on Yuanyang Guangchang (next to Diner 22 and Canvas) you can bring the little ones outside to run around while you’re waiting for food, when the weather permits. They have high chairs.

You’ll want to book in advance so that you can get a table downstairs by the expo kitchen (upstairs is for smokers). Also, be advised that it’s a little tight (though not impossible!) to bring a stroller/pram.

Yuanyang Guangchang (across Xianggang Lu from Aeon), behind the China Eastern Air building.

8589-8530, reservations required.

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