Qingdao seafood, classy joint

Blue Horizon Hotel

This weekend my family rediscovered Shilaoren’s Blue Horizon Hotel as a great place to eat. This well-appointed Qingdao eatery adjoins Leader Plaza (so gets points for convenience). The kitchens are clean, actually shown on cctv feed from the ordering area. The ‘aquariums’ are hugely entertaining for kids. The food was terrific, even for picky eaters – not too oily, excellent flavors. We even got a private room and washroom, just for us two adults and two kids – after a morning at the beach, this made potty trips and hand washing (and nursing) much easier than we are accustomed to. And it’s a nice place.

You do pay a little for what you get, but if you go easy on the seafood and avoid beverages it’s easy to do ¥80/adult. Really not bad at all for your own snazzy dining room and dedicated wait staff.

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The restaurant (and Leader Plaza) are about 5 minutes’ drive from QAIS. For directions, call 8899-6666.

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