The QAIS Inspire Project

The QAIS Inspire Project

What roles will there be:


The president serves as the face of the event. He or she is expected to know everything about everyone and everything. He or she is to have the skills to communicate, liaise and encourage to people in charge of other departments. He or she will speaks at the end of the event.

He or she will serve as ‘editor in chief’ of all communication about the event.

He or she is expected to be the most motivated individual in the team.

He or she must be willing to be an idea generator and to lead sharing ideas.

He or she must be a leader who is interested in THE team.

He or she must be a listener, an evaluator, someone who can take action in tough times. Someone who takes responsibilities for the decisions made.

The president will approve decisions made by treasurer, and will coordinate with secretary everything that has to do with the essence and systems in the event.

Along with the secretary, the president will work on a time line (backwards planning) for all teams so that the event is successfully planned. This is the president’s biggest task.

The president’s biggest job– to decide what to do with the money we collect. To propose a series of justified options that go along with QAIS mission statement and that reflect our desire to help the community.

The president will not tell people what to do! He or she will lead them to get to the best possible choice!



The secretary is a person who orchestrates ideas, decisions, communication and efforts. His or her main role will become evident in leadership meetings, while mediating in the decision-making process.

The secretary is someone who helps teams stay connected; the mid fielder; the one who oversees all projects and reports to president.

The secretary must be a flexible thinker. His or her Main role is working with treasurer and president, and supports the logistics team, although her involvement will cause him or her to Work with everyone: He or she is a brain in motion.

The secretary will speak at the beginning of the event. He or she is the spokesperson, and therefore must have excellent communication skills.

The secretary will directly work with the communication team.

Also,  the secretary will support the president on the creation of a time line (backwards planning) for all teams so that the event is successfully planned.

The secretary’s biggest job: organization and choices. He or she is the system.



The treasurer is not solely the one who handles money; it is a central person in WISE decision-making, and utilization of resources. By nature, this person needs to be resourceful and able to consider multiple options.

Organization skills are essential for anyone aspiring to be the treasurer: he or she will keep track of expenditure.

He or she will be in charge of finding better deals, controlling resources.

The treasurer will lead a team of people searching for sponsorship and partners to support the event. You need super strong organization skills.

You are the Million-dollar memory and must display a strong ability to project views.


Talent coordinator:

The talent coordinator reports directly to the secretary and manage everything that is related to the ‘talent/content of the event.’ This person will be manager to the following posts:

  1. Talent logistics head: someone who will deal with everything there is it know about where participants should be, go and what they are to do.
  2. Head of Volunteers: someone who will deal with volunteers. He or she will be in charge of looking for and finding QAISers who can help us. He or she will be one of the busiest people. He or she will find volunteers for all departments.

The Talent coordinator and his/her two support members will be responsible for these specific tasks:

  1. Finding talent.
  2. Creating dialogue with potential workshop presenter regarding the kind of workshop that can be presented.
  3. When receiving acknowledgement that there is interest to run a workshop, find out resources and space requirements and communicate to logistics coordinator.
  4. List of ‘talents’ that have accepted to run a workshop will be given to secretary.

A task that is specific to Talent coordinator is writing a letter of formal invitation to the talent found. Guidance can be sought.


Logistics Coordinator:

The logistics coordinator is responsible for making sure that the event works: everything is in place; every presenter has a space; the space assigned for each presenter is the right one;

  1. Time table: The logistics coordinator himself or herself will prepare the event’s timetable in collaboration with the president and the secretary. Attention must be paid to beginning, breaks, end, and the correct allocation of time for workshops.

A specific task of the logistic coordinator is to inform Ms Gao and Administration, via a formal letter, about the requirements for the event. This is both for permission purposes, and to keep people in the loop. School authorities are aware of the event. This is a formality.

The Logistics coordinator’s team will include the following members:

  1. Venue logistics head: someone who will deal with everything there is to know about the venue: spaces, chairs, can and cannot do’s, who will be where and why.
  2. Head of Transportation: someone who will deal with how people will move around. This person will work directly with Ms. Maggie and Ms Gao to arrange transportation.
  3. Head of Food and beverages: someone who will deal with what we will eat; who will have to be informed about allergies and special arrangements. Also in charge of leaving food venues in the same conditions as they were given to us.

Head of Communication:

The head of communication is an extremely important post for he or she manages the image of the event.

He or she manage will all the communication that goes out about the event.

Your key support person regarding what to do and what not to do is Mr Erick Blocher.

He or she will be responsible for putting together a press team whose tasks include, but are not limited to:

Blog / website


Meeting records

Meetings minutes

Keeping community informed

Profile of participants (everything we need to know about them)

Publicity for the event

Wechat account

QQ account

Facebook page




QAIS Inspire Keynote presentation: