Students Cross Bridges; With a Rhythm | 学生们通过节奏增进了解

Students Cross Bridges; With a Rhythm | 学生们通过节奏增进了解

Crossing bridges can be done in numerous ways and our DP Music students discovered that one of these ways is through music. Students had the honor of meeting some extraordinary local musicians who allowed them to explore different Chinese instruments unknown to most of them.  Apart from the instruments themselves, students learned about the long history of musical instruments in China which dates back as far as 5,000 BCE; but it was only when they heard the beautiful sounds and melodies emanating from these instruments that they realized music is truly a universal language that can transcend space and time and bring joy and inspiration to all people, everywhere.

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增进了解的方式有千万种,我们的文凭班学习音乐的学生发现可以通过音乐增进了解。 他们有幸见到一些卓越的本地音乐家,音乐家们带领他们探索了一些之前并不了解的不同种类的中国乐器。 除了他们自己学习的乐器,音乐在中国历史悠久,目前发现的中国最早乐器在公元前5000年。