DP Biology Unites Fashion and Science

DP Biology Unites Fashion and Science

Fashion is all around us.  Many people pay attention to it, while others take it for granted.

DP student, Shirley Ma, characterizes herself as a “fan of fashion with a conscience!”  Shirley had already been investigating the poor working conditions of people producing textiles in several Asian countries, but it was during a unit about water in Biology class that she was stunned to learn of the role the fashion industry plays in polluting our waterways.

This newfound information inspired Shirley to educate others in her community and turn what started as a CAS project into an amazing Internal Assessment for her IB Biology requirement.

Shirley revealed passion for her project by working in the Biology lab with Ms. Canan until 9:00 p.m. last Wednesday evening to finish her experiment.  We look forward to learning about the results.

If you are curious about this unique experiment and want to see more pictures, you can follow the blog posts here! 



青岛美亚国际学校文凭班的学生Shirley Ma也是一个时尚迷,但比较有自己的意识。她已经调查过,在一些国家中,时尚产业纺织品的制作工人处于较差的工作环境,但仅通过生物课上关于水的一个单元的学习,她了解到时尚产业应该为水源污染负责,并对此表示震惊。