Smiling Faces During QAIS Open House | 在青岛美亚国际学校开放日中微笑的面庞

Smiling Faces During QAIS Open House | 在青岛美亚国际学校开放日中微笑的面庞

Thursday afternoon marked the perfect time for the first Open House of the year.  It was an ideal moment for parents to meet, mingle and socialize with other parents.

As Maria Montessori encouraged teachers to ‘Follow the child,’ QAIS parents took this message literally, following in their children’s footsteps into classrooms and onto chairs and benches normally populated by the younger generation.  While meeting with their children’s teachers they learned all about this year’s academic program. The genuine interest and engagement on display demonstrated that a lifelong love of learning as stated in our mission statement is not only limited to our students, but extends to teachers and parents, as well.  Furthermore, parents gained a deeper appreciation for our school curriculum, and began to understand how meaningful learning extends beyond the walls of the school building and into the community.  Many parents walked away understanding that the home should serve as a true extension of the school.

This first Open House marked the beginning of our learning journey as a community.  We welcome parents to participate in the many Parent Education events that will be organized throughout the year for a more comprehensive understanding of our IB and Montessori programs.

We look forward to learning and growing together with you in the coming months.



玛利亚·蒙特梭利坚持“跟随孩子”,这也正是我们家长所做的,他们跟随孩子的脚步进入教室,坐在孩子们平常就坐的椅子和沙发上。 通过与孩子的老师见面,家长们了解了整个学年的教学计划。来自家长们真正的兴趣和参与程度,表明我们教育宗旨所倡导的对学习的终身热爱的观点不仅局限于学生,更延伸至老师和家长。 在一个真正的学习社区中,老师、学生和家长都必须确保在校内有意义的学习同样在校外展开。因此,家庭应是学校的延伸。