Staff Profile of the Week – Sarina Sun

Staff Profile of the Week – Sarina Sun



虽然这部电影讲述的是一位医生Patch Adam的故事(由Robin Williams扮演)但是,我发现他的一些话也和我自己的教育理念相契合。


  • 每个人都会影响到另一个人。
  • 诸位,死亡不是敌人。
  • 如果我们要挑战疾病,应挑战其中最严重的部分,那就是冷漠。
  • 医生的使命应不只是避免死亡…还要增进生活品质。这就是为何治疗一个疾病有赢有输。


What is your favorite film or TV show and why?

Whenever I am asked about this question, my answer is the movie “Patch Adams.” It fits my value and belief that we help and support others. The movie speaks to me about how we can help and support each other well. Moreover, it discusses a deeper and important question about how we comfort the people whom we help and support.

Although the movie is about a doctor played by Robin Williams, I find metaphorical meaning for my own education values in these quotes from “Patch Adams’:

  •  Every human being has an impact on another.
  • Death is not the enemy, gentlemen.
  • If we’re gonna fight a disease, let’s fight one of the most terrible diseases of all: indifference.
  • A doctor’s mission should be not just to prevent death, but also to improve the quality of life. That’s why you treat a disease, you win, you lose.

We can defeat indifference by sincerity, enthusiasm and kindness. Saying “no” to indifference and being “patient-centered” also applies to education. Essentially, for me the movie is a metaphor for educators that we need to strive to create a comfortable, safe, healthy and pleasant environment for our kids.





What is your favorite traveling experience and why?

Traveling is an essential annual activity for my family. As my son Terry grows up, we travel more and go to places that are further away. Terry likes to help make the plans, research information, pack luggage, check in, check out and pass customs.

I love one sentence about travel: “Traveling is that we find a different world even though we stay in the same world”. Traveling enables us not only to know different scenery, cultures and traditions, but also make friends. We taste yummy food, experience local culture and have fun together. In a new place, we can have a wonderful time.

Recently, Terry is learning Chinese Money. We plan to visit some places we have not been to on the back of our currency such as Mount Tai, The Three Gorges and Guilin. In my idea, traveling is an important occasion to cherish our happy family time and Terry’s growth. Travel creates unforgettable memories for us.