Spreading our wings with the QAIS butterfly community art project

Spreading our wings with the QAIS butterfly community art project

QAIS has been growing steadily while expanding opportunities for students of different ages to collaborate and bond as a community.  We cherish every opportunity for older students to serve as role models for younger ones, while younger students can remind older students about the joy of learning and discovery experienced through a child’s eye.  This mutually beneficial relationship of unconditional acceptance and support is at the core of who we are as a school community.

Last Friday, January 12, QAIS teachers and students from toddler to grade 12 came together for a brief presentation in the auditorium followed by a quick journey to our cafeteria where they put their hands, minds, and hearts together in order to create a collective work of art that will symbolize how we are ready to spread our wings and fly to greater heights at the start of our journey on our new campus.

At QAIS, we value the fact that we are a family, bound by our love for learning, exploration, creativity, imagination, and by understanding how we can teach others and learn from others as we strive to become better versions of ourselves. For this reason, full-school opportunities like this one are crucial to keep this spirit alive.

In students’ words, QAIS is a community that makes us think of colors, of relationships, and of stories.  As we begin to write the next chapter of our history, we hope it will be an accurate depiction of who we are when we are at our best and an inspiring tale of human potential and achievement.


1月12日上周五,QAIS从小小班到12年级教师和学生齐聚礼堂,并随后在食堂,用自己的双手、融汇心灵,创造了一件艺术品, 它象征着我们展翅高飞在新的天空。