QAIS Joins Elite Company as An Accredited Member of The Council of International Schools (CIS) 

QAIS Joins Elite Company as An Accredited Member of The Council of International Schools (CIS) 

From our humble beginnings in 2011, we have been striving to provide the highest quality education by promoting global citizenship, international mindedness, service and action, and a lifelong love of learning.  By embarking on the lengthy process of gaining school accreditations and authorizations including AMS, IB DP, IB PYP, IB MYP, MSA-CESS, we have laid a solid foundation of programs, policies, and personnel that will enable us to self-actualize and fulfill our highest aspirations as a community.  We are most proud of our latest and most comprehensive accreditation with the Council of International Schools, which is considered by many to be the “gold standard” in international education.

What does it mean to be a CIS-accredited school?

This recognition signifies that the school has completed a comprehensive self-study and international peer review as part of a continuous improvement process focusing on standards and indicators that promote the development of student knowledge, skills, attributes and actions aligned with the CIS Definition of Global Citizenship. Colleges and universities worldwide acknowledge that a CIS Accredited School meets internationally-agreed and recognised standards and develops global citizens with the qualities and skills that they are seeking in students.


We are proud of reaching this important milestone in our school’s history and thank everyone in the QAIS community for their trust and support.  We look forward to the continuation of our collective journey and our future success!


从2011年小小的学校开始,我们一直在致力于提供高质量的教育,培养具有国际视野的、付诸行动和奉献、终身热爱学习的全球公民。我校追求最高的教育标准,一步一个脚印地通过了漫长而繁复的各种认证,包括AMS,IB DP, IB PYP, IB MYP, MSA-CESS;在课程项目、学校管理和师资配置各方面达到国际学校最高的要求, 创建了一个充满抱负和理想的学校集体。最令我们感到骄傲的是刚刚通过的国际学校委员会认证。鉴于该认证审核要求的高度和深度,CIS认证被视为国际教育的金字招牌。