Return to Neverland

Return to Neverland

The new year has come with a super-charged boost of energy for the cast and crew of Peter Pan. As we have moved into the new, incredible arts spaces, we are quickly taking up every nook and cranny during our rehearsals. Pirates are tangoing on stage, Lost Boys are building a home around Wendy in the music room, the Brave Girls are hunting (and jumping, dancing and twirling) in the dance studio while the crew is busy building pirate ships and wall-papering the young Darling children’s house.

If some of these names seem strange and unfamiliar to you, don’t worry! We will be reveal more about this classic story and our creative process in the weeks to come as we get closer to sharing our show with you. It is a tale of magic and wonder, where children learn to fly, visit unknown lands, make new friends, fight pirates, and ultimately learn about friendship, team work, and just a little bit about growing up.

Our multi-aged cast and crew has a big range of experience and they have been working hard to bring their best work and energy to each rehearsal. Older students are mentoring younger students, modeling rehearsal behavior, and helping to coach them in many ways. There is a definite high energy in the rooms as students learn music, choreography, and go about work of building their characters for the stage.

Behind the scenes, our faculty creative team is working around the clock to source costumes, find building supplies, learn how to operate our brand-new lighting system in the theatre, and solve the many other challenges that arise when creating a musical production. We are incredibly fortunate to have an AMAZING group of parent volunteers to help with costume sourcing, assembly and creation. Thank you to the PTA for helping us make those connections and a huge thanks to everyone who has stepped up to help us with this huge endeavor.

As I often say to the young actors, creating a musical is a huge task that takes 100% commitment, dedication and love. I can say with confidence that these students are bringing this level of commitment to every rehearsal and we are well on our way to creating some magic on the Baishan/QAIS Stage in April.

Stay tuned for more updates from Neverland!!