QAIS Super Student of the Week – Ryoichi, Grade 8

ryoichimmprofile10oct201604What is your favorite traveling experience and why?

My favorite traveling experience was my family vacation to Maldives. The Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean close to Sri Lanka and India. This was my favorite traveling location because the scenery was very beautiful there and the water activities and swimming at the beach was really fun! When we went snorkeling, we were able to see many kinds of fish and a huge coral reef.

Describe a dream of what you will be doing in 20 years.

I want to become a programmer. I enjoy making videos and editing photos in Photoshop and I am very interested in learning how to do programming. I think this skill can stay as my hobby to create things on computers and have fun, or it can become my job to try to create something that influences society.

In our lives today our technology has improved in lots of ways and some people cannot even live without their phone every day. Technology is everywhere, such as Uber, mobile payments, food delivery to your house so you don’t have to get up and move, and much more. I think there will be more of these kinds of helpful technologies in 20 years and I think knowing how to do the programming for them could help me to get a stable life if I succeed.