QAIS Staff Profile of the Week – JD Holtrop

QAIS Staff Profile of the Week – JD Holtrop

jdholtropmmprofile12sep2016Our JD Holtrop who is Director of Technology and Head of Secondary Design is also a talented musician. The Qingdao Allstars, a creative collective he founded with some of his friends, recently completed a collaboration with the government of Qingdao on a song/music video called “爱青岛” which means “Love Qingdao” and showcases some of the cities great culture, local language, and hotspots.

What is your favorite charity (or cause) and why?

There are many charities doing amazing things all around the world for so many people, so it is impossible to pick, however one of my favorites locally is defintely the Qingdao Expat Charity (QEC) because they do a lot of great things and also have a great time doing it. There is actually a really great event coming up: The “Backyard BBQ Party” that should be a lot of fun and help with some great causes. If others are interested in joining, you can find more information in this month’s Redstar if you have time, or you can ask QAIS PTA President and QEC Chairperson Renee Dustman for more details on how to get involved.

What is your favorite family occasion and why?

My favorite family occasion would have to be Thanksgiving for many reasons. In addition to getting together with family and friends to share lots of delicious food, it is also a time to share and appreciate the people, things, opportunities, etc. that we are grateful for and to give thanks. Even though this event technically only happens once a year, I do try to keep the spirit of it alive throughout the year as much as possible.