QAIS Musical Sensation

QAIS Musical Sensation

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QAIS Proudly Presents Another Beautiful Show – “Once On This Island”

Coming to the brand new Qingdao Amerasia International School’s Black Box Theatre is a musical that celebrates storytelling with a rousing Calypso-flavored tale of one small girl who finds love in a world of prejudice. The musical Once on this Island from the Tony Award-winning songwriting team of Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty is an adaptation of The Little Mermaid and is told through vibrant singing, dancing, and heartfelt acting.

With a cast, crew and live band, over 35 Upper School students, teachers and musicians are involved in bringing this story to life in our new intimate, innovative theatre space. We will be offering 4 different shows (with limited seating) so buy your tickets soon to reserve your space for this incredible experience.

Tickets are 60 RMB, children under 10 are free. 


《小岛往事》—— QAIS隆重推出又一部原版音乐剧

青岛美亚国际学校(QAIS)热忱地邀请您来到学校全新的黑匣子剧场,欣赏一出高品质的英语原版音乐剧。该剧采用节奏鲜明的加勒比海卡利普斯歌曲风格,将一个小女孩在充满偏见的世界里找到了爱的故事娓娓道来。《小岛往事》由Lynn Ahrens和Stephen Flaherty组成的托尼奖获奖歌曲创作团队创作,改编自《小美人鱼》。充满活力的歌唱和舞蹈,以及发自内心的表演让这出音乐剧不同凡响。

该剧超过35名的成员由学生、老师和音乐人组成,分别承担了表演、布景和现场音乐的工作。黑匣子剧场作为创新的剧场形式,会给您带来全新的观剧体验。 本剧一共4场表演(座位有限),建议您尽快购买门票,为一次不可思议的经历预留您的座位。


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60 RMB is a regular ticket price and kids under 10 are for free.

(But please pay 1 RMB service fee).

Scan the QR Code and chose your preferable show time, provide your name and cellphone number. Hurry Up! The seating is limited!

Attention: Tickets are not refundable!


普通票60元,10岁以下儿童免费 (但请支付1元服务费)。

扫描二维码,选择适合您观看的演出时间, 提供您的名字和联系方式。

数量有限! 抓紧时间哦!


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