QAIS Hosts the Youth Leadership Summit | QAIS举办了青年领导力峰会

QAIS Hosts the Youth Leadership Summit | QAIS举办了青年领导力峰会


In 2014 the vision for youngleaders. world was born and five months later 1500 students came together in Edmonton, Canada to discover a secret, a hidden power within. That our lives could hold more. What started as a dream of three founders is now becoming a movement of 100.000 youth and now reached 13 countries.
People around the world are getting excited about this powerful idea of leadership that when we change ourselves, the world changes around us and it brings us a step closer to the collective good.
QAIS had the honour of hosting the Youth Leadership Summit once again this year while it was on its 2018 World Tour. The summit passed through 13 countries and our school was one of those chosen to participate in this unique global event.
All secondary students gathered for a day full of high energy and positive vibes. Through motivational and inspirational talks mixed with hands-on activities, live music, and reflection time, the students learned how to be leaders for change within themselves, locally and globally.
Real life examples of ordinary people changing their whole community, country or even the world showed all of us that change and improving the collective good can start everywhere and be sparked by anyone.

Most importantly, positive change can start with YOU!



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