Hanging Tough with the QAIS Outdoor Club | 与青岛美亚国际学校户外俱乐部坚定的在一起

Hanging Tough with the QAIS Outdoor Club | 与青岛美亚国际学校户外俱乐部坚定的在一起

The new QAIS outdoor club has taken after school activities to new heights, both literally and figuratively, as they have been exploring the tunnels, cliffs, and mountains of Fu Shan right outside our front door. The club, led by experienced outdoor enthusiasts, Brendan Madden and Chris Borodenko has taught students how to bushwhack trails with machetes, navigate through the hills, locate WWII tunnels, and in the most exhilarating adventure to date: repelling down the exposed rock faces. Students, nervous at first, mastered safety checks, rope checks, and repelling. Once they got the hang of it, the students and one parent, had a blast scaling down the 20- meter sandstone face.

More outdoor adventures are coming to QAIS including this Thursday’s camping trip in the Laoshan Mountains.

全新的青岛美亚国际学校户外俱乐部将课后课活动推向了新的高度,名副其实的探索我们 前门外面的浮山上的隧道、峭壁和山峦。该俱乐部由户外经验丰富的爱好者 Brendan Madden 和 Chris Borodenko 领导,教授学生如何在丛林中披荆斩棘、穿越群山、寻找二 战隧道,目前为止最令人兴奋的探险活动是:沿裸露的岩石表面向下攀岩。

学生起初非常紧张,他们掌握了安全检查、绳索检查和攀岩技术。一旦他们掌握了窍门, 学生和一位家长就可以在 20 米高的砂岩表面尽情享受。