Middle Years Programme subject groups allow students both breadth and depth of learning throughout the MYP. Combined with the Personal Project, and Community and Service, these subject areas provide a uniquely well-rounded school experience for international students in Qingdao.

Language and Literature

This is designed for students who are mother tongue speakers, or have a fluency close to mother tongue speakers, in the language offered. The subject group has a focus on the need to develop an appreciation of the nature of language and literature, of the many influences on language and literature, and of its power and beauty. At QAIS, students can study English or Mandarin Language and Literature.

Acquired Languages

These courses are designed for students who are not mother-tongue speakers in a language but may be competent, or complete beginners. Students primarily focus on language skills, and are taught in developmentally appropriate groupings. At QAIS, students can study English or Mandarin as Acquired Languages.

Individuals and Societies

This group incorporates disciplines traditionally studied under the general term ‘Humanities’ (such as History and Philosophy), as well as discpilines in the social sciences (such as Economics, Business Management, Geography, and Sociology).


Math is a fundamental part of a balanced education. It promotes a powerful universal language, analytical reasoning, and problem-solving skills, which contribute to the development of logical, abstract, and critical thinking. Mathematics can help make sense of the world, and allows phenomena to be described in precise terms.


Design is the link between creativity and innovation, taking thoughts and exploring the possibilities and constraints associated with products and systems. It is human-centered, and focuses on the needs, wants, and limitations of the end user. At QAIS, students study digital design focused around ICT systems, but we also aim at mastery of the design cycle to find solutions using appropriate tools.


Artists have to be curious. By developing curiosity about themselves, others, and the world, students become effective learners, inquirers, and creative problem-solvers. Students develop through creating, performing, and presenting arts in ways that engage and convey feelings, experiences, and ideas.


In Science, students independently and collaboratively investigate through inquiry, research, observation, and experimentation. Science explores the connections with everyday life, and fosters critical and creative thinking about assumptions and alternative explanations. MYP Science is an integrated Science course, covering areas of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Science.

Physical and Health Education

Physical and Health Education aims to empower students to understand and appreciate the value of being physically active, and develop the motivation for making healthy life choices. To this end, PHE courses foster the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will contribute to a student’s balanced and healthy lifestyle.

QAIS MYP Program of Inquiry

You can download QAIS Program of Inquiry in the link below.