Seussical Jr. Musical Performance Blows Audiences Away

Seussical Jr. Musical Performance Blows Audiences Away

                The people have spoken, and Seussical Jr., QAIS’s first full musical production, was an enormous success! From the elaborate set, to the striking costumes, to the lively song and dance numbers, the play clearly soared beyond expectations.

                “The show was incredible! It really made me proud to be part of this community.”– 6th grade teacher, Shawn Skinner.

                “I’m so proud of our kids and staff. Fantastic job everyone!”– MYP teacher, Brian Quist.

                The musical drew upon the strengths and talents of its cast and crew, exuding enthusiasm and positivity. Director, Lauren Borodenko, along with her creative team of Devin Smith, Charla Esser, and Chris Borodenko, brought their vision to the stage, allowing us all an opportunity to immerse ourselves fully into the wonderful world of Dr. Seuss.

Both shows sold out, resulting in an uproar of cheers and praises. Proud parents, friends, teachers, and community members walked away in awe of our QAIS student talent and showmanship. Well done Seussical team… we can’t wait to see what’s next!