QAIS Takes the Stage

QAIS Takes the Stage

Qingdao Amerasia International School students took to the stage in Lion Mall in Laoshan, Qingdao this past Saturday evening as crowds gathered and fans cheered. Seussical cast members, as well as dance, orchestra, and choir students, performed their hearts out to the delight of invited guests, shoppers, and bystanders. Heads and feet bounced along to the music while smiles spread from ear to ear.

“All the student acts were wonderful, and so many people stopped by our QAIS booth to comment on how impressed they were with our kids!”- Min Luo.

This event served as a perfect opportunity for members of the Seussical cast to practice in front of a large audience, as well as other performers to share their talent. Though many students arrived to the mall filled with nervous anticipation, once the show began, they radiated excitement. Congratulations students and staff on a wonderful show!

Ruth Singing-Qingdao-amerasia-international-school-students-school-lion-mall-Performance-2017 PYP and Andee Violin-Qingdao-amerasia-international-school-students-school-lion-mall-Performance-2017 Orchestra Lion Mall-Qingdao-amerasia-international-school-students-school-lion-mall-Performance-2017



“每一位学生的表演都非常投入,现场有好多人直接反馈,称赞美亚的学生太棒了!”学校的Luo Min老师报道说。


MYP Violin Boys-Qingdao-amerasia-international-school-students-school-lion-mall-Performance-2017 More Violin-Qingdao-amerasia-international-school-students-school-lion-mall-Performance-2017