Neverland is Taking Over QAIS

Neverland is Taking Over QAIS

Last week was the start of the most exciting period of the year as the auditions for our new musical, Peter Pan took place.

A room full of students was singing, dancing, acting, cheering, and laughing as all of them took their turn to show off their talents in the hope to shine in what promises to be the highlight of this year’s performing season.

Expect to be transported to a land populated by pirates, fairies, lost boys & brave girls. Let the music and the songs take you to Neverland !

This is how it all started….. ( See the star cast below the pictures)

上周的几天是一年中最令人期待而又让人惴惴不安的日子,因为我校本年度的音乐剧《彼得 潘》演员选拔开始了。



Wendy  Yuka (Brave Girl)

Wendy (Understudy)  Nancy (Brave Girl)

John Mark

Mica (formally known as Michael) Bella

Nana Frank

Liza Francesca

Mr Darling Parth

Mrs Darling Cher

Peter Pan Cheka (Brave Girl)

Peter Pan (Understudy) Jonathan (Pirate)

Nibs Jimmy Li

Slighty Kaito

Curley Tom

Twin 1 Justin

Twin 2 Arthur

Tootles Kevin

W.K. Hook Skye

Smee Jerry

Noodler Charles

Jukes Kazuto

Starkey Suchi

Cecco Aiden

Tiger Lily Louisa (Brave Girl)

Tiger Lily (Understudy) Charlotte (Brave Girl)

Small Brave Girl Cici

Brave Girl 1 Krystal

Brave Girl 2 Bailey

Brave Girls:  Apple Claire Wanda Miyuki Karen Aniela Francesca Milena Eleanora Cecelia Rina Yuna

Lost Boys: Isaac Ian Aaron Alexander James Daniel Jimmy Yoon Danny Kevin S Henry Harmon Frank Phily

Pirates:  Wendy Ada Elaine Suchi Candy Lu Isabella Riccardo Macauley Lucas