International Montessori Consultant Visits QAIS.

International Montessori Consultant Visits QAIS.

chris-ackerman-visits-qais-montessori-classroom-13QAIS has enjoyed the distinct pleasure of welcoming and working with former Montessori teacher and head of school, Mr. Chris Ackerman, as he has spent time consulting with staff about the Montessori program. His visit began last week and will continue through Friday, September 16.

Chris has consulted for schools in Morocco, Turkey, Hong Kong, Poland, Canada, and across the United States. He was trained in Montessori Elementary in Bergamo, Italy, at the Center founded by Maria Montessori’s son, Mario. He had previously trained for early childhood Montessori in Washington, D.C. in a program where Mario was one of his examiners. He is also trained in middle school Montessori through an Ohio, USA program.

During his time at QAIS, Chris has observed and taught within each of the four Montessori environments. In addition to commending our implementation of the philosophy as defined by Dr. Maria Montessori, Mr. Ackerman has shared advice and insights into how our delivery of the curriculum can be strengthened further.

Mr. Ackerman will complete his time at QAIS by offering a Parent Education Event on Montessori education and the value it presents for young children at 9am this Thursday.  On Friday, September 16, Mr. Ackerman will present a summary of his recommendations to staff as well as offer further ideas about best practices often implemented within accredited Montessori programs, such as ours.


蒙特索利教育顾问Chris Ackerman来校指导。

周一,QAIS迎来一位资深蒙特梭利教育顾问、前蒙特梭利学校校长Chris Ackerman先生。Ackerman先生将在学校工作到9月16日本周五,对幼儿园蒙氏老师进行为期两周的教学指导。