International Day at QAIS

The food, music, and cultural performances took us all over the world, but the gorgeous sunshine reminded us that we were in Qingdao on the morning of Saturday, October 19th! QAIS International Day brought together over 300 people from our global community, lining the sports field with games and activities, packing the dining hall with homemade cuisines and crafts from all over the world!

The event opened with a medley of Bob Marley tunes, performed by all QAIS students and teachers led by Music teacher Charla Esser. Principal Chris Vicari introduced the next act, an orchestra of traditional Chinese instruments, featuring QAIS Business Manager Lily Xing and Board Director Baishan Zhang. QAIS Taekwondo students demonstrated the ‘way of foot and fist’ with their masters from Jinxiao Taekwondo Club. Ruth Kolla Suresh Kumar represented her native Tamil Nadu by singing ‘Aska Laska’; Jeff, Emilie, and Lydia La Roux performed American jazz numbers on trumpet, clarinet, and fiddle. Henry Yan from Grade 2 gave an accomplished violin solo, followed by third grader Hanson Sun on keyboard.

In the cafeteria, there was barbecue from Australia and Romania; desserts from Russia; breads, jams, and deviled eggs from the US; tortilla from Spain; samosas, kurma, and gulab jamun from India; a kimbap demonstration, kimchi pancakes, and other Korean treats; Japanese-style bento boxes and choux creme; and Chinese dumplings and baozi.

There was plenty going on outside to keep kids of all ages entertained! QAIS staff provided face painting and crafts. Green Football Club had soccer bowling (with great prizes!). Micro Scooters brought

their Swiss-engineered minis, and we spotted several delighted children taking them for a test ride. Finally, Dr. Linda’s English Academy provided balloons, ‘tattoos’, and even a fishing pond, while informing guests about their training center downtown.

We are so grateful to the parents, teachers, and friends who supported this event, with their cooking skills, activity ideas, and terrific raffle prizes. At QAIS, we dedicate every minute to building a loving, fun, international community, and Saturday’s celebration was a perfect chance to experience the joy that comes from those efforts.

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