QAIS Celebrates Halloween, Diwali, Autumn and Dia de los Muertos QAIS庆祝万圣节、排灯节、秋季及亡灵节


Pirates, witches, ghosts and goblins lurked about today as we celebrated Halloween throughout the QAIS community. In Montessori, students dressed up and baked wonderful Halloween treats for an afternoon party.

Students also celebrated Diwali, the Hindu and Sikh festival of lights and prosperity that took place this past weekend. Grade 9 student, Suchi, led an enthusiastic team of secondary students to create a beautiful Diwali-inspired entryway on the 11th floor. Suchi felt proud to showcase this holiday for her school for the first time in her academic career.

PYP students took part in an exciting array of afternoon activities to celebrate global autumn traditions. In mixed groups, grades 1 to 6 students moved through a carousel of rooms to perform a special Halloween dance, engage in storytelling and art activities related to Diwali and learn about Dia de los Muertos, a Mexican tradition that honors the dead on November 1st.

The day ended with a parade of PYP students through the school to the playground where they shared their costumes and dances with our Montessori students.

All the events demonstrated our commitment to honoring diversity and promoting intercultural understanding, which is at the heart of Celebrate QAIS!