Family Fun Run Festival 2017

Family Fun Run Festival 2017

What could be better than the fresh ocean breeze mixed with entertaining live music, delicious food, sporting events, friends, and family? It sounds like a perfect day to us. That’s why you should all mark your calendars for this Saturday, May 20th to attend the annual QAIS Family Fun Run at the Hyatt Regency Hotel from 10 am- 1 pm. You and your family can run, bike, scoot, skip, or hop your way down the boardwalk for the 5k race, then enjoy music, food, games, and prizes.

There will be vendor booths and raffle giveaways from places such as Air Busan, Hyatt Hotel, Lao Shan Wan Hotel, Cecilia’s Sweets, and many more. Furthermore, kids and parents, alike, will have a wonderful time getting their faces painted, crafting kites, playing on trampolines, and running along the beautiful Shi Lao Ren beach.

Guests are welcome to bring blankets for sitting and enjoying the live music and are encouraged to participate in the opening warm-up dances before the race. Plus, be sure to listen and look for raffle prize announcements, either on stage or on the nearby prize board. This is sure to be an amazing event, and we hope to see you all there!

在海边的草地上,与家人和朋友一起,享受着阳光、海风和美食,参与体育活动,欣赏现场音乐——还有什么比这种方式能更好地度过一个美好的周末呢?因此,请千万不要错过本周末5月20日星期六10:00 -13:00在鲁商凯悦酒店举办的QAIS家庭欢乐跑活动。健跑不限形式,您和家人可以跑步、骑自行车、滑板车、或者任何其他健康的方式,完成从凯悦酒店到极地海洋世界,往返共5公里的路程,之后有音乐、美食、游戏和丰富的奖品等着您。



For the tentative schedule of events, please see below: 

  • 9:30- PYP Exhibition Beach Clean-Up
  • 10:00- Band performance and Welcome
  • 10:05-10:10- YMCA Flash Dance and Zumba (All guests are encouraged to participate!)
  • 10:15- Start of Race (Music will be ongoing during this time.)
  • 11:00- Dr. Dustman will thank our sponsors and our first raffle announcement will be made.
  • 11:05-11:55- QAIS student and teacher musical performances
  • 12-12:30- Clown Car Band
  • 12:30- Montessori Choir
  • 12:35- PYP and Rock Band “Best Day of My Life” performance and second raffle announcement
  • 12:40- Tug-o-war
  • 12:55- Final thank you and full group photo
  • 1:00- Farewell Kite Flying on the beach
  • 9:30- 小学部海滩清洁行动
  • 10:00- 乐队表演和欢迎致辞
  • 10:05-10:10- YMCA 快闪舞蹈和尊吧舞 (这是一个集体活动,请每个人都参与!)
  • 10:15- 健跑活动开始 (现场音乐开始)
  • 11:00-  校长Dustman博士致谢赞助商,第一轮抽奖
    11:05-11:55- QAIS 学生和老师的表演
  • 12-12:30- Clown Car 乐队表演
  • 12:30- 蒙式幼儿园部分学生的表演
  • 12:35- 小学部和摇滚乐队表演 “Best Day of My Life”,第二轮抽奖
  • 12:40- 拔河比赛
  • 12:55- 总结致谢,学校集体照
  • 1:00- 派对结束,在沙滩上放风筝

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