Family Fun Day: The true colors of QAIS | 碧空如洗,阳光明媚,夏日的微风刚刚拂过脸庞,QAIS齐聚校园,共同庆祝家庭欢乐日

Family Fun Day: The true colors of QAIS | 碧空如洗,阳光明媚,夏日的微风刚刚拂过脸庞,QAIS齐聚校园,共同庆祝家庭欢乐日

A clear blue sky, bright sunshine and very agreeable temperatures marked the very first summer day of the year and that was exactly the day all at QAIS came together to celebrate our Family Fun Day.

The joyful mood was set in an instant when the 4 “Houses” of QAIS arrived all dressed in their House color and started cheering to see who had the loudest voice. This was also the start of the ‘Battle of the Houses’ where the 4 groups ran, jumped, balanced, spun, … to complete as many activities as possible in a set time as this was the last chance of the year to win the treasured points that might put their House in the lead position and win this year’s trophy. The fun part was that for this occasion (grand)parents joined the Houses making it a real Family Fun Day!

After all had given the best of themselves, the whole QAIS family gathered in front of the stage spreading their blankets on the grass field for our family picnic while we all enjoyed the creative talents of students, parents and staff during the ‘QAIS got Talent’ show. And what a show it was ! From toddler to Diploma students, sometimes even reinforced by parents, and even some staff groups, all amazed with their entertaining acts.

Get a taste of the QAIS spirit browsing through the pictures below and we already look forward to welcoming  you too to our Family Fun Day next year !