Valentine’s Garden of Appreciation

Valentine’s Garden of Appreciation

At QAIS, love is at the center of everything we do. With Valentine’s Day last week, we took the opportunity to work on how we can express love for one another. During the week, every student from Grade 1-12 writing notes of acknowledgement for friends, classmates, teachers, and parents, writing their notes on large ‘petals’. Art teacher Li Yan and Grades 5/6 then worked together to arrange the petals into a garden of appreciation in our cafeteria!

We have been so touched by the kindness and love that shines through in these notes, giving us as teachers a glimpse into how our students relate to one another.

In the spirit of appreciation, we also want to acknowledge Mr. Scott Murphey and the students of Grades 3/4 for hosting a Valentine’s Market in the cafeteria, with brownies (baked by parents Masami Mizumoto and Jayne Shirra) and cookies (baked by Adriana Pawlik and Anna Igumnova). Thank you all!

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Here are just a few of the acknowledgements:
“I want to thank Angie for downloading the game to my iPad.” – Henry

“I want to thank Mom for taking care of me, and helping me with my homework.”

“I want to thank Nate for playing catching game on playtime with me. He is nice to me.” – Susan

“I want to thank Granpa for saying Yes for everything. For example, if I want to play games, he will say Yes.” – Dylan

“To Jim Wang: I really appreciate doing Taekwondo with you. You and I always do what the teacher tells us to do when the teacher gives us our consequence. I really appreciate that you are my friend.” – Alex

“Neil, you are a diligent, patient, respectful, committed, and courageous young man.”