Outdoor Activity Day

Outdoor Activity Day

On Thursday, June 19, all of our students in grades 1 – 12 left the QAIS campus to travel to Baishan School where they participated in five problem solving activities. Students were organized in their House Groups, which means that each of the Houses – Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth – contained a mix of students from grades 1 – 12. Each of the activities lasted for 30 minutes. A high school student led each activity by giving directions and facilitating the activity. Teachers kept track of the students’ cooperative spirit and teambuilding actions during each activity and shared their observations at the end of each half hour. The pictures that follow are a highlight of the day.


Jake facilitated the blanket hoop shoot activity. Students were required to use a blanket to cooperatively shoot a ball into a basketball hoop.

Josie was in charge of the water balloon activity. Students filled water balloons, threw them to other students standing in a line, and the balloons were broken into a bucket at the end of the line.

Kelly facilitated an activity called Steal the Bacon. Students lined up across from each other and worked to take an object in the middle of the playing field back to their side.

Neil was in charge of the obstacle course, a wandering route that had kids running, jumping, throwing, aiming, crawling, and carrying water.

Sarah took charge of an activity titled 1, 2, 3, Ups! The goal for the students was to have multiple balls thrown into the air and caught by the team. Each time they were successful in catching the balls, another one was added to the game.

We left the day realizing that everyone was a winner. Each activity required a different set of skill sets to be successful and each House had students who were talented in a variety of areas. Thank you to Chris Cronin, our physical education teacher, for organizing this event. We also thank the Fire House teachers – Ms. Yuan, Ms. Emily, Mr. Ledet, and Mr. Jeff – for facilitating the activities with the help of our five students leaders: Jake, Josie, Kelly, Neil, and Sarah. Of course, our support staff played an important part in making the day successful. They include Ms. Gao, Ms. Chin, Mr. Sun, and Mr. Fu. Our students had an enjoyable morning on a warm, June day. Spending time with each other and having fun was a terrific way to begin the last full day of school!