Qingdao Amerasia International School showcased its inclusive and vibrant community at International Day 2019 by welcoming friends and families from more than 30 different nationalities, food from over 25 countries, magnificent performances and music from America to Zimbabwe.

This year’s theme ‘Embrace Diversity’, could not have been more fitting, with a melting pot of culture which could be seen, heard and tasted from the moment one made it through the front door. The event commenced with the annual flag ceremony, whereby every nationality represented at QAIS carried in their flag, followed by a full staff and student performance! 
The cuisine to choose from included British scones, Dutch poffertjies, South African Boerewors Rolls, Japanese Sushi, Korean BBQ , Indian  Samoosas and many many more. The stage was alive with Latin Dance, Peking Opera, Folk Music and Chinese Dancing. The QAIS Robotics booth, with awesome console controlled cars, made by our students, had young and old playing for hours. For a bit of low-tech fun, there was the ‘lemon eating competition’, daring participants to eat a wedge of lemon, peel included, the fastest! This was just some of the entertainment available at this year’s event.
All proceeds from International Day go toward the QAIS Education Fund, an initiative which serves to promote collaborative and reciprocal engagement with the community in response to authentic needs in an aim to promote a better society within Shandong Province and the world. 

This beautiful day was the result of an innovative and collaborative team who showed our students and our community what a peaceful world can look like when we all work together.  QAIS would like to thank our generous sponsors, vendors, performers, staff, students, parents and the Qingdao Community for making QAIS International Day 2019 a massive success! 

今年的主题“拥抱多样性”实在再适合不过国际日这个文化大熔炉了,从人们进入前门的那一刻起,就可以看到、听到和品尝到。活动以年度国旗仪式开始,绝大多数参加QAIS的嘉宾都可以看到自己的国旗在现场,伴随着全体教职员工和学生的表演飘扬!可供选择的美食品类丰富,包括英式烤饼,荷兰Poffertjies,南非Boerewors Rolls,日本寿司,韩国烧烤,印度Samoosas等。舞台上还活跃着拉丁舞,京剧,民间音乐和中国舞蹈。QAIS机器人展台上摆放着我们的学生们制作的出色的控制台及游戏车。实在是老少皆宜!为了享受一些纯粹的乐趣,也可以参加“吃柠檬无表情比赛”,大胆的参与者需要吃一角柠檬(包括果皮),速度最快的选手赢得比赛!这只是今年活动中娱乐活动的一小部分。国际日的所有收益都将拨给QAIS教育基金,该倡议旨在促进与社区的合作和互动,响应其真实需求,以期在山东省乃至世界范围内为创造美好的社会而尽我们的一份心和力。感谢我们的有创造力的和谐的团队带来的这美好的一天,他们向我们的学生和社区展示了当我们共同努力时一个和平的世界会是多么美好。在此,感谢我们的赞助商、供应商、表演者、员工、学生、家长和青岛社区为QAIS 2019国际日的成功举办所作出的巨大贡献!