PYP Unit Celebrations – November 2015

PYP Unit Celebrations – November 2015

Our IB Primary Years Programme classes are at the end of their second unit of inquiry, and the students have prepared celebrations to demonstrate the new understanding they have gained through over the course of this unit.

At their PYP unit celebration on Wednesday, November 18, Grade 4 shared some of the many ways that “Exploration leads to discoveries, opportunities, and new understandings.” Students researched explorers from all over the world, and shared that explorer’s experiences with the parents, teachers, and friends who participated in the celebration.

Grades 5 and 6 had inquired into the ways that we use energy, and the social and environmental implications for how it is generated. Students had created their own board games to help in educating and thinking about energy use, and they played the board games with parents and friends.

Grade 2 celebrated innovation! They developed and built their devices to store pencils and other materials, and they wrote a book (in English and Chinese!) about how mistakes are an important part of the learning process.

On Friday, Grade 3 shared some powerful ways in which “Evidence of past civilizations can be used to make connections to present day societies.” Students shared their new understanding of what we know about ancient Egypt, including sarcophagi that they had designed themselves!