[tab_item title=”Sport Curriculum at QAIS”]The study of sports and activities in society promotes awareness and understanding of our own and other cultures. Sport is a reflection of society’s history, culture and values. Physical Education helps to promote intercultural awareness by investigating the origins and development of many sports, the factors affecting participation and what messages are portrayed through sport, dance and gymnastics.

All aspects of Physical Education are approached through cultural, environmental and socio-economic points of view. Transfer of skills from one sport to another and across all curriculum subject areas are taught and encouraged and students are asked to reflect on knowledge gained in other aspects of their lives.

Physical Education promotes communication through both verbal and non-verbal methods. Students become aware of the essential need for communication early in their study of Physical Education and are encouraged to participate in an inclusive manner with communication methods, which are recognisable by all.[/tab_item]

[tab_item title=”Aims of the Sport Program”]

The Physical Education & Health Program aims to:

* Appreciate and understand the value of Physical Education and its relationship to a healthy lifestyle
* Develop the motor skills necessary to participate successfully in various activities and work to their optimum level of fitness
* Experience enjoyment and satisfaction in a wide variety of activities
* Understand the concepts of aesthetics and creativity within physical activity and become aware of movement as a medium of communication and expression
* Develop skills and understanding relating to teamwork, co-operation and communication
* Use the knowledge and understanding acquired in various physical activities to reflect on and evaluate their own and others performance
* To combine skill acquisition with theoretical knowledge
* Demonstrate the ability to critically reflect upon physical activities in both a local and intercultural context

Students are encouraged to foster a positive attitude towards health and well-being that can be continued throughout life. The involvement in games and sports provide opportunities for developing personal characteristics. Through encouraging individual and teamwork opportunities, the students learn to abide by a certain set of rules, to share experiences and to help each other in different situations, becoming responsible for their own welfare and that of others.