International Day of Peace 2014

International Day of Peace 2014

Qingdao Amerasia International School is proud to dedicate every day of every year to the cause of building peace. As we guide children in rigorous programs of study, helping them to develop their skills and nurture a ravenous appetite for learning, we do so with Peace as our method and as our ultimate objective.

During the first month of school every year, our classes reflect on what it means to be agents of peace, and how we can seek peaceful resolution to conflict. We share those reflections with one another as part of the International Day of Peace, celebrating with schools and organizations around the world.

This morning, our students presented their songs, memorable quotations, and works of art as we celebrated the International Day of Peace 2014! Dr. Vanessa Rigaud, Lower School Director, shared this meditation on the occasion:

We are called upon to turn our attention to the plight of populations caught in the grip of war, living in fear and uncertainty. We are reminded of the lives lost, property destroyed, families and communities torn apart and development efforts disrupted.

Today, as an IB/Montessori school we recommit our efforts towards the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the building of lasting peace. It is our collective responsibility to promote tolerance, dialogue and peaceful settlement of disputes.