By Robin Shawver (IB Librarian)  l Robin Shawver (IB图书管理员)  

Grades 3 and 8 fly paper planes to the moon

The week was filled to the brim with engaging student-led scientific fun with different literacy and science-related activities for students in Early Childhood to MYP 5 (Grade 10).  

QAIS also invited author Nick Arnold, who writes the Horrible Science series, to be the guest author. His books are designed to get children interested in science by concentrating on the trivial, unusual, gory, or unpleasant. At the heart of Horrible Science is the combination of humor and horror to grab the child’s imag ination. By presenting science to students in this way it instantly makes science feel exciting, accessible and enjoyable to learn, and by presenting the material through a range of constantly varying approaches we ensure that the child’s imagination is constantly engaged. This, in turn, ensures that the factual material is more comprehensible and memorable. 

Nick Arnold presented the Little Horror Show to the 4 and 5-year-olds, in the Early Childhood class, The Horrible Science Show to PYP (Grades 1-5) and The Horrible Life Show to MYP (grades 6-10). Different teachers and students participated in experiments for each show and students had the opportunity to get the author’s signature before going back to class. It was a memorable experience for everyone, and Nick Arnold was a wonderful guest at QAIS, enjoyed by students and staff. 

A Board of Inquiry was set up on the 2nd floor with science-related questions being posted by all students in Grades 1-10. Students prepared for the Q&A session with the author by thinking of these questions ahead of time and participating in the discussion around inquiry, science, and reading. 

The MYP students with the support and instruction of their English and Science teachers picked a STEM-related picture book from the library and then created an activity to go along with it. Each class or group from a class then went into the EC and PYP classrooms to read the books and lead the activities with the younger students. Students explored building with different materials, making cyphers, paper aeroplanes, and much more! This was a great way for students in both the lower and upper school to explore how science can be explored through storytelling and visa versa. 


QAIS还邀请了撰写《可怕的科学》系列丛书的作者尼克·阿诺德(Nick Arnold)担任特邀嘉宾。他的书旨在通过使孩子专注于琐碎的,不寻常的,血腥的或令人不愉快的事情,来激发孩子对科学的兴趣。 《可怕的科学》的核心是幽默与恐怖的结合,以抓住孩子的想象力。通过以这种方式向学生展示科学知识,可以立即让科学变得令人兴奋,易学和有趣,并且通过一系列不断变化的方法来展示材料,我们可以确保孩子不断发挥想象力。反过来,这确保了事实材料更加可理解和令人难忘。  

Nick Arnold在4岁至5岁的幼儿班上展示了“小小恐怖表演”,在PYP(1-5年级)上进行了“可怕的科学“表演,并为中学生(6-10年级)带来了“可怕的生活”演讲。每个节目都有不同的老师和学生参加实验,学生并有机会获得作者的签名。这对每个人来说都是一次难忘的经历,QAIS很高兴能邀请Nick Arnold来到学校,为学生、老师和员工带来了非常有趣的活动。