Gift of Love – Winter Performance

Gift of Love – Winter Performance

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James is about as selfish as they come, and it really shows when Christmas rolls around. He can’t understand how his best bud Azton would give so much of his hard-earned cash to people in need. The two go to a holiday benefit concert (for the Dandelion Charity!), where James rocks out to excellent live music and reconnects with his old friend Ruth.

Shortly after, James and Ruth meet for coffee, and Ruth is put off by James’ refusal to empathize with others. She reminds him that he changed after a fourth grade Christmas show, and he remembers the feeling of being the only child whose parents didn’t show up, while other kids were being lavished with love and holiday affection. Taken with this memory, James has a change of heart.

After the concert, the party moves to Azton’s house, where even Santa Claus and his Christmas toys arrive to salute Azton’s generous spirit! While the music and dancing rages on into Christmas morning, James finally comes around, smiling, with a tremendous gift for the children.

The Gift of Love was written by QAIS Secondary students, and performed on Friday, December 13th here at our auditorium in Qingdao!