Empowering and Protecting Digital Citizens

Empowering and Protecting Digital Citizens

In addition to our task of building, maintaining, and monitoring our technology systems at QAIS, our technology team also wishes to support students and families in their efforts to be safe and productive digital citizens. We hope to equip students and families with tools and resources for best practices in using technology to enhance our lives and to maintain a PRINCIPLED and BALANCED lifestyle.

The first and most important piece to building healthy and empowered digital citizens is to TALK TO OUR CHILDREN.  Common Sense is a great site for resources and information about digital citizenship and media literacy.

We believe that trust with technology is built by first allowing students the opportunity to demonstrate trust. If, however, students are unable to control their use of their devices (time management, access to appropriate content, etc.) we can then implement strategies to support them, such as the use of the tools below. It is also important to note that much of the web is completely open and available to anyone, leaving even responsible users at risk of accidentally stumbling into dangerous spaces on the web; therefore, we offer the tools below.

  • Click here for information about Parental Controls on iOS 12 devices (new Apple phones/tablets)
  • Click here for information about Parental Controls on Windows computers.
  • Click here for information about Parental Controls and Mac computers.
  • For more comprehensive and customized control, click here for information about K-9 Web Protection. This is free software that can be installed on Windows, Apple, iOS, and Android devices. It is highly flexible and very easy to use.

If you would like support with any of these tools or would like to discuss strategies for protecting and empowering our children as digital citizens, please feel free to contact our team at technology@qingdaoamerasia.org