Approaches to Learning in the Extended Essay

Approaches to Learning in the Extended Essay


As the culminating project of you IB journey, in the Extended Essay you will be required to demonstrate consolidated thinking, social, communication, self-management and research skills.

The 7 Capital Ifs

  1. Become an expert on the Extended Essay criteria
  1. Subject area
  1. Questions
  1. Scope
  1. Concepts
  1. Availability of information
  1. Contributions to your personal life

ATL throughout the EE process

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Will this topic help you?
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ATL presence across criteria & Expectations

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Common EE Weaknesses

Download the following document to learn about some of the most common EE weaknesses.
Watch out for these weaknesses!

Extended Essay Checklist

Download the following checklist, which will be helpful towards the end of your EE writing process. This checklist will help you ensure that every EE standard has been met.
Extended Essay Final Checklist


This information was put together using informaton courtesy of Tim Woods (International School of Jerusalem), Lisa Daniels (American International School, Dhaka), Margaret Brunt (Ecole Mondiale World School, India), Andy Daily (Albanian College), Sofia Shaar (Escuela Católica Uruguaya, Montevideo).