By Comine Howe

MYP 5 students were collaborative communicators, using smartphone photos to create their Photo Poetry. Hazel Lee, MYP English,  introduced the Korean trend ‘DiCa-Poetry’ to her MYP 5 (Grade 10 Class) and had students creatively thinking about poetry.

DiCA Poetry is short for digital camera poetry; where personal photos are used to write short poems. Students were tasked with taking pictures that made them feel inspired and then they had 50 minutes to write a poem. “Don’t overthink it, just write.”

Students reflected on each other’s work and relayed what they thought the author was trying to say, after which the author communicated what they had intended their poem to convey.

Students’ confidence grew as their poems were shared and appreciated by their peers, proving that anyone can become a poet by taking daily inspiration from the mundane.

The Truth
Ice-cream melts
Flowers perish
Spoons will rust
And cups will break
After gorgeousness faded
There will be no simplicity
The only truth is,
Nothing stays forever…